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Bloodhoof Brigand's is home to Mulgore's infamous band of roughnecks and ruffians...where as they may not be the most appealing in their charms and delightful in looks...these resourceful and unwavering band of Horde seeks out plunder, combat...and most prized of all...the merriment of misadventures
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Brigands Code: Guild/Raid Rules

by Huggernaught, 2487 days ago

Guild Expectations:

● Have fun and enjoy playing!!!
● Be mature...treat others as you would like to be treated.
● Be kind and courteous to all (to those in the guild and also those who are not).
● Remember your manners. Please and thank you goes a long way.
● Say hello when someone logs on and goodbye when someone says they are logging off.
● No name calling, or using offensive terminology.
● No asking or begging other guildies for gold.
● No asking or begging other guildies for run throughs. We are not a "run through" guild. We will not run members though instanced for fear. Please don't ask. If we accommodated every guildie on this, we wouldn't have time for anything else.
● If you need help with a quest, feel free to ask. Keep in mind that other guildies might not be able to help right away.
● If another guildie says no...then no begging, crying, or harassing.
● As a member of the Bloodhoof Brigands, you represent the Guild. Don't spam, harass, or ninja any other players. Your actions reflect onto the guild as a whole and won't be tolerated.
● We encourage you to join and check the forums regularly, as well as taking advantage of the various links on the guild web page.
● If you would like to get a group together or need quests done that involves instances, feel free to post here on the forum. This way you can see what day and time is best for everyone. Since instances do take quite a bit of time to complete.
● Guild Events and Raids/PvP are not mandatory, but encouraged.
● Promotions are given on the discretion of Kernhoof. They are based on some various criteria such as guild and forum activeness among other things. As well as being kind and helpful.
● If you haven't been on in 6 months you will be removed from the guild and have to request to join once again.

Raid Expectations:

● Each and every person on a raid is expected to be respectful and be a team player. The need of the guild/raid will often take precedent over an individual need.
● Sign up with the character you plan on using to raid with.
● Be able to make raids. Half the job is just showing up. If you can not make raid times, don't bother to applying.
● Be able to stay through the whole raid. If you are not able to be consistent on a raid, you will lose your spot.
● Be able to make both days of a raid if the raid is spread out over two days.
● Players who committed to the raid ever week and who always making the raid get first dibs on invites.
● The Raid Leader will be the one who determines which class is needed for a particular raid...please be flexible and understand the dynamics of what is needed for run to be successful.
● Be attuned to all both the current and classic raid instances i.e. "keyed". It is your responsibility to be capable of zoning into the content...as well as being able to actually get there i.e. making sure you have all flight paths.
● Be online 30 minutes prior to the raid. **There is a 15 minute window to be online before a replacement is sought.** For example, if a raid starts at 7...be there and ready for invites by 6:45.
● You will be "Raid Ready" i.e. you will arrive to the raid repaired, and with all of the materials suited for raiding successfully such as bandages, healing pots, consumables, food buffs ect.
● Be able to work with your raid as a team. Those who are unable to do so will not have a spot.
● Be open to criticism! Don't take this as a bad thing or a put down...but as a means to learn how to be a better player.
● Be able to use Ventrilo...see the Vent Voice Chat link on the guild page for more information). This will be the voice communication program used during raids and overall when we play. *Having a microphone/headset to be able to communicate is a must for Raids/Arena/PVP*
● Be familiar with the boss encounters. Make use of the resources found on the links section of the guild web page...they are there to help one learn and understand the content. Do a search, read up on it, often times members will post valuable information.
● You are expected to pay 100% attention on all raids. If an emergency comes up that is understandable...remember though that there are others that are counting on you.
● Be able to adapt quickly, and if assigned a task in an encounter do you best to follow though.
● Be ready to wipe...that is all part of the process of raiding.
● 375 First Aid is REQUIRED. 375 First Aid is a MUST for any guildie that wants to raid....THIS IS NOT AN OPTION. It does not matter if you are a healer or a tank, or whatever your class. It is that important.

Loot Expectations:

● Be able to think of loot in terms of helping the raid (and the guild) grow stronger. Do not be greedy about loot...or you will get the BOOT.
● Tanks and Healers have the first dibs on loot which will best help them to gear up. Having well geared tanks and healers makes for a continued raid progression.
● Any class that is best served by a particular loot type has the first choice in having it.
● Please do not loot until AFTER the Raid Leader/Master Looter has looted.
● Be patient! Eventually you will get the loot you are seeking. (It took the Huggernaught 99 runs through UBRS before he finally got his Valor Shoulders...so do not QQ if you loot did not drop.)
● Loot mistakes and blunders do happen ever so often. It is part of raiding. If it happens then do your best to continue with the raid. Allowances can always be made to make up for it if need be.
● The Raid Leader will be the final decision for who gets which loot if there is any particular issue about it.

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Welcome Friends

by Huggernaught, 2754 days ago

Welcome to the Bloodhoof Brigands!

I am quite proud of this little venture that has become a reality after many moons! Please make yourself at home and look around...there are quite a few really interesting and very helpful features that will enhance and enrich your time spent on the forums...a note of recognition must be given to Cilos who has spent much time ensuring that the web page looks great and functions with ease...if you need anything please do not hesitate to ask myself or Cilos for any assistance...again...welcome to the Bloodhoof Brigands web page...and make yourself a cozy place by the campfire

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New Members - How to Sign Up

by Huggernaught, 2755 days ago

The signup process is a long one but well worth it! First you'll create an account with Guild Launch, then you'll add your characters to your Guild Launch account. Third you'll apply to the guild and when approved, add those characters to the BB Guild here on the website!

Cilos has put together the following instructions for you all to read.

**Please print out this post so you can go through the process with ease.**

To create your Guild Launch/Forum Access on the BB website, this is what you do:

1. Under the Membership bar on the left, click "Apply to Guild"

2. Create your GUILD LAUNCH account. This will be your LOGIN information for Guild Launch.

For FORUM USERNAME put in your Main's character name.

NOTE: If you do not wish to use your email, we recommend you create a Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail account, as you'll *need an email address for account name/password retrieval and you will need a valid email address to add your characters to your account.* This is your Guild Launch account, and no one at Bloodhoof Brigands will have access to any of your Guild Launch account information. (It's free btw)

You do not need to put in a First Name or Last Name if you don't wish to. Again, this is NOT a Bloodhoof Brigands account. This is your Guild Launch account.

3. Press the SUBMIT button.

You now have created your login information for your Guild Launch account, which later you'll use to login to the Bloodhoof Brigands site. Now you will apply for membership into the Bloodhoof Brigands Guild.

4. Fill out the Guild Application.


Your Guild Application will be submitted.

6. Check the email account you used for your Guild Launch account signup. They will have emailed you a confirmation email. Please click the URL link in the email, and you will be taken to a page on the Bloodhoof Brigands site confirming your account.

6. At the top right of the Bloodhoof Brigands webpage, click the "My User Page" link.

You are now in your Guild Launch User Page.

There are 3 tabs at the top.

Forum Username

Forum Username = The username you created
Characters = Where you add/view/edit the characters you attach to your account
Guilds = Guilds you are in. (Currently NONE)

7. Click the CHARACTERS tab.

You have two options to add your characters to your Guild Launch account.

A. Manually create a character, by clicking the "Add Character" link near the top.


B. Download the Character Profiler mod, install it. Login to your character, then when out of game upload your GuildLaunchProfilers.lua file to the Bloodhoof Brigands website.

It is up to you what you feel comfortable with doing. Obviously using the mod and uploading the GuildLaunchProfilers.lua file for that character to this page will "do it all for you" but it means you know how to use mods, am comfortable using them, looking for files on your computer, etc. If you would rather do it manually that is just as ok with us! Happy

You will then have added your character(s) to your Guild Launch account AND submitted your Guild Application to Bloodhoof Brigands.

8. Wait for Kernhoof to approve your Guild Application. If he takes a while, send him an in-game email asking to to please approve your guild site application.

9. Once your Guild Application is approved by kernhoo, login to your Guild Launch account at the top of the page at http://www.bloodhoofbrigands.com

10. Click on the "My User Page" link in the top right of the page.

11. Click on the CHARACTERS tab.

12. For each character you added to your Guild Launch account, to the right will have the name Bloodhoof Brigands listed under "Add to Guild". Just click the ADD TO GUILD button to add that particular character to the guild. Feel free to add any other characters to the guild at this point as well.

You can then visit the Bloodhoof Brigands website at http://www.bloodhoofbrigands.com for full guild access!

Below is how to upload your characters to your Guild Launch account, either manually, or via the mod.

To Manually Add a Character
1. Click Add Character
2. Type in the Character Name
3. Choose World of Warcraft for the Game.
4. Choose US - Silver Hand for the server
5. Press the SUBMIT button.
6. Choose the RACE and CLASS of your character
7. Type the Level of your character
8. Select the Gender.
8. If you want any additional info entered (like professions, etc) type it in the Character Bio area.
9. Press the Submit button.

To Add your Character with the Mod

1. Download the Mod here: http://support.guildlaunch.com/guild/library/535/GuildLaunchProfilerCURRENT.zip
2. Open the zip and take the folder "GuildLaunchProfiler" and place it in your ADDONS folder, located at:

World of Warcraft/Interface/AddOns

In the AddOns folder will be all your mod folders, and will also show the GuildLaunchProfiler folder.

3. Start World of Warcraft, login to the character you want to profile. Open your bank, your bags, your spell book, your professions lists, first aid, cooking, everything!

4. Quit World of Warcraft.

5. Go to your Guild Launch "My User Page", and click on the Characters tab. Or click here:


6. Set the Server Region to US.

7. Press the CHOOSE FILE button.

Locate the GuildLaunchProfiler.lua file for the CHARACTER you just profiled in game. That file is located at:

World of Warcraft/WTF/Account/WoW User Name/Silver Hand/Character Name you Profiled/SavedVariables/GuildLaunchProfiler.lua

8. Click Update Pets, Trade Skills, Bank, Bags checkboxes.

9. Press the UPLOAD button.

That's it!

Web Overseer

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